Artist, author & performer.

Reinventing origami in uniquely modern ways.


Hi, I’m Coco. Glad you are here!

My artistic emphasis is on audience experience and community interaction. I put this website together with a hope that through internet I can connect with thousands of people around the world and make a positive influence by sharing my skills. I’d be really happy if you are inspired to play with your family, children and friends.

I contribute to creatively-led marketing campaign and collaborate with other creatives, scientists, bloggers, educators and charities. If you think we can do something amazing together, I’d love to hear from you. x


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If I were Alice, I would never have left Wonderland.

Although we all grow up, I believe everyone secretly wishes to return there too. I aim to create a Zen garden for playful hearts; a Japanese version of Wonderland, made out of paper.



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