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Coco Sato is an award-winning artist, author and performer, with a signature minimalistic and playful style, she translates traditional Japanese aesthetics into art forms with a uniquely modern edge.

Born in Tokyo and moving to London for a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, Coco creates papercraft with an art, fashion and high-tech twist. With collaborators in the worlds of science, engineering and design, her work has evolved to encompass ‘Roborigami’ – giant interactive robotic origami installations, ‘Resogami’ – resonant LED light installation and ‘Electro Origami’ – wearable electronic craft.

Coco also regularly contributes to creative experiential marketing campaigns for global brands such as ASICS and House of Fraser. Her first book, ‘Creative Origami and Beyond’, is published by Walter Foster Publishing US, (2016).

As a conceptual artist, Coco works site-specifically in both natural and urban spaces, uniting Zen philosophy, science and play and taking audiences out of the everyday into a wonderland of paper and light. Her work explores the balance between nature and human culture and is motivated by a belief in the power of images without words to make a statement, create a mood or capture a moment in time.

Coco is the winner of the PANTONE Color Inspires award 2013 and is most known for her geometric wall art. Made from hundreds of small origami units, these delicately assembled composites strike a harmonious and meditative visual chord through their careful balance of colour and reflection of light. These works were commissioned by Cambridge University Press and have been published globally on a variety of platforms including Channel 4, Pantone and Design Milk, and she also contributes to design and lifestyle blogs such as Design Sponge and Design Love Fest.  

Coco’s evolving ‘Giant Origami’ installation combines her passion for live performance and art, and has been commissioned by major cultural festivals, museums and events throughout the UK and Europe.

Coco Sato on social media (November 2016)
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Coco Sato installation artist, speaker, origami robot, art director, event consultant. Brighton, London, UK.
Coco Sato installation artist, speaker, origami robot, art director, event consultant. Brighton, London, UK.