Roborigami is a robotic origami installation made in collaboration between an artist, robotic scientist and interaction designer. We offer talks, events installation and workshops.

Resogami from VerityMc on Vimeo.

Breath controlled resonant #origami prototype by Pete and Coco #ResonantBits #Paper & #xOSC

Who is who

Dr. Nic Seymour-Smith

Via his PhD in Applied Quantum Physics, Dr. Nic has been seeking the answers to the mind-boggling wonders of universe and mysteries of natural world. Whilst helping Coco to rationalise her most crazy art installation ideas, he has been working behind the scenes to radically scale up the Roborigami project. Nic is now a digital installation consultant, and a lecturer in interactive design at the University of Brighton. He spends his time designing and building cutting edge large-scale interactive installations for brands and artists as well as exploring novel and unique methods of teaching, regularly leading experimental, hands-on mixed media technology workshops for all ages.

At Lab2 by Barbora Cetlova

Coco Sato

Coco is a Brighton based Japanese artist and workshop leader whose practice reinvents origami in uniquely modern ways. Educated in London with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, she takes her inspiration from ancient Japanese legends and symbols of Buddhism. With collaborators in the world of engineering and design, she has created Roborigami, an interactive robotic origami installation that transforms public spaces into a playful Zen garden. With numerous awards, commissions and exhibitions to her name, she regularly speaks at events and co-runs Roborigami workshops with Louis to inspire children, providing an accessible and fun gateway into combining art, play, electronics and programming.

Louis D’Aboville

Louis has a BSc(Hons) in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. He has co-developed and co-delivered Roborigami workshops with Coco. Louis has an endless energy and is always on the go, and gets easily excited about  creative collaborations. He enjoys applying his knowledge in developing interactive projection installations and real-time software for artists and musicians. He teaches on the Digital Media Arts MA at University of Brighton and is also experienced in working with young people with special needs, delivering workshops with organisations such as Exploring Senses, Same Sky and Carousel. Twitter  Vimeo


Dr. Pete Bennett

Pete is an interaction designer and researcher in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Bristol specialising in Tangible Interfaces; how to represent and control time using tangible materials. His PhD was on the design of novel electronic musical instruments, resulting in the BeatBearing drum machine. Pete is a keen musician and his other background is in musical instrument design, art and cybernetics.Pete has been collaborating with Coco and Ad since 2010 and recently developed Resogami’s original concept ‘Resonant Bits’. More info on Pete can be found at


Dr. Ad Spiers

Ad developed the original Roborigami, RoboFox with Coco and Pete in 2010 and is currently a postdoctoral lab associate at Yale University and lives in the US. He investigates technology that communicates via the sense of touch (haptics) and human movement, and its application to future surgical practice. Ad has been obsessed with all things robotic since seeing the movie Short Circuit as a child. He has also created hand held robotic flowers that guide blind and sighted people through dark installations and drawing robots that add their own style to an artist’s instructions.

Roborigami Workshop

giant origami meets robotics technology. In Roborigami workshop, you will be taught how to combine origami, coding and wiring electronics to create roborigamiWhat You Will Learn?

You will be taught how to fold giant origami fox, code, wire up the electronics and assemble them together to create a Roborigami Fox in a fun yet informative and experimental workshop.

Join us at Roborigami workshop, and you will be surprised to learn how simple and easy making robot is. You will go home with a cute Roborigami Fox and be equipped with knowledge that enable you to create your version of Roborigami.


Video by Pete Bennett and Ad Spiers

Roborigami Blurb

Roborigami is a giant robotic origami installation created in collaboration between an artist, robotic scientist and interaction designer. It is a harmony of modern robotics technology with the traditional craft of origami. Roborigami aims to evoke a sense of serene melancholy and a spiritual longing and encourage the audience to slow down, take notice of surroundings and appreciate the passing of time.

Booking and Press Enquiry

For all enquiries, please contact Coco Sato including ‘Roborigami’ in the subject line.




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