My Secret Weapons

Can food be art or can art be food? For me, visual art and food are intertwined (More about this next time). Food shows us how to be “creative” in the kitchen, in everyday setting, and since I believe in less is more concept, it did not take me long to look for kitchen tools that can be doubled as a craft tool.

Just to remind you, you don’t need any “origami tools” to fold paper. Honestly, how cool is origami? You don’t need anything special to have a go and experiment. If you are reading is, you have an access to internet, right? Then Google-search origami tutorial. My Sonobe tutorial is on YouTube, and I bet you already have some of paper. Yes, any paper, copypaper would do!

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma Gutteridge

All you need is;
Your hands
A piece of paper
A flat surface to fold on

and if you are like me, who do not buy pre-cut spare sheets then some kind of cutter and ruler is essential. I use super sharp surgical scalpel and stainless steel non-skid ruler for this purpose, and occasionally use glue to place finished piece on presentation board, if needed.

And again if you are like me who fold a lot, them you would appreciate using a folding bone otherwise you will be very sorry to have sore fingers. This is the most used tool in my tool list and you can find it in YOUR kitchen, too.

It’s metal or wooden cutlery knives and spoons.

I have tried prettier looking folding bones made in plastic (just like the one in the picture the one before above) but I prefer the cutlery knives and spoons since it has nice weight, it designed to balance nicely in my hand, and metal cutlery takes a lot of beating. It is definitely made to last.

So, cutleries are my Holy Grail of my tool box, I have been using same IKEA cutlery knives and spoons since 2009 and they still look new. Of course I use them at meal time too!

Do you have an unexpected special weapon that you use again and again? If so, hit me up at instagram and leave a comment. I look forward to hearing your story. 🙂

take care,

Coco x

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