In February 2015, I decided to go studio free to live a minimal life. I followed capsule wordrobe method and reduced down my closet to 60 items, and donated everything I don’t believe to be useful or beautiful at home (That was a William Morris’s quote!). My Macbook Pro, iPhone5, Fuji x100, Moleskine, and a suitcase full of colourful paper and small tools are all I need to create and stay connected. I am currently working from my (tiny) apartment in the city of Brighton, creating origami, taking photos from a dining table by the window and sharing them on Social Media.

I got rid of ‘stuff’ that was weighing me down, instead I would love to fill my life with interesting people and mindbrowing experience. I decided to start a blog to create a space to connect with likeminded people around the world. I hope to be using my blog to answer your questions, and sharing my creative process and much more all from my (tiny) apartment.

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Coco x

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