Victorinox #TheMakers #DigitalArtisan Campaign Part 2

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Furoshiki: Thoughtful Wrapping, Waste-free and Super Stylish

In the month of May for Victorinox, I created a video tutorial showing how to wrap two bottles in a square cloth. The wrapping method is called Furoshiki and you can wrap literally anything with it, especially ideal for carrying odd-shaped objects such as wine bottles.

I wanted to share this super easy alternative to carrying a shopping bag or worse using disposable plastic bags at a supermarket.

I remember my mum used to wrap a bento box in a cute Furoshiki cloth for me to take it to school, and a large watermelon to carry it to a family gathering. A bit about the history of Furoshiki? I think its name says it all. Furoshiki’s literal meaning is ‘a bath cloth’, in olden days when taking a public bath was a daily routine, people used to bundle up personal belongings whilst at a public bath, and secured it on the head.

In modern days, and my approach is it’s not only a simple waste-free way of carrying objects or wrapping gifts, but also you can really be creative and make it look decorative. You can use a silk scarf for example as a Furoshiki cloth and make it a part of the gift, too.

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  1. veerle
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    Tx Coco, great idea !

    • cocosato
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      Thank you!

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