Welcome to my (tiny) apartment

Hi there! Are you enjoying spring? I am! Notably Long daylight hours, warmer sea breeze by the beach and scents of lilac in my back garden make me happy.

In my previous post, I told you that I am currently studio free and working from my tiny apartment. This lifestyle makes me think about importance of organisation and having a good system to stay focused and motivated.

Whenever I mention that I live in a (tiny) one bedroom aprtment, and work from home, I always receive same reaction, “HOW???”

Every year, for the weekends of May in Brighton, local artists and makers invite people inside their homes or studios to see the work and buy directly from them.  We are all such a nosy creature, secretly enjoying a peek in other people’s personal space. I am not taking a part in Artists Open Houses this year, but I thought I’d share it in the world of interweb.  This is how I work from my little bedroom/studio, and still live tidy, organised and happy.

Sonobe6 by Barbora Cetlova
My apartment is filled with abundant natural light and I take all my instagram photos by the window.

I create on a small table that doubles as a dining table. It makes me motivated to finish work before dinner time and tidy up each day.


This morning I was working on Sonobe origami pieces from my apartment. I am currently typing this in a converted bank cafe in my neighbourhood. When I’m in need of a friendly company I take my macbook pro to MakerLab studio where I also teach Roborigami (origami robot) workshop.

That’s about it. I don’t have a fancy art studio right now, but my simple life is shaping up nicely.  Simple life means minimal expense and that results in more free time and money to actually enjoy life. So minimal = so awesome!

Take care and see you in couple of weeks,

Coco x

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